There are times in life where you lose the light. Where you lose your direction. Complacency, apathy, call it what you will. “Taking your eyes off the prize”, allowing yourself to be distracted, letting your mind wander, all these things can and will happen. When they do, you rob yourself of something special.

You rob yourself of a viscerally exciting and enriching experience of the present, of the opportunities directly in front of you. Capitalizing on the opportunities today to make things better is rewarding enough. But perhaps even more tantalizing is the prospect of those opportunities being there tomorrow. Throw in some anticipation, and you have real intrigue. Desire. Seduction. When you find yourself reflexively saying, without any particular reason or justification, “I’m excited about tomorrow”, you’re tasting that emotion, the thrill of being seduced by an unknown thus incredibly enticing prospect.

It’s only an idea for now but soon you’ll be there experiencing it. As long, that is, as your mind doesn’t wander and you aren’t distracted. Focus on that moment and capitalize on it, and the tomorrow after that will yield only more and greater enticements.


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