Your Path

It’s easy, when you’ve finally stumbled on to the right path in life, to start kicking yourself. Even cringing, perhaps, at all the mistakes made, money spent, time squandered, opportunities missed in the days and years of your youth. This is disastrous to your health.

Remember the truth: all those things were actually an integral part of bringing you to the very moment you are in. Each little microcosm of life taught you a lesson you needed to learn, built you into who you are today. Don’t let the past be a millstone around your neck keeping you from climbing a mountain; rather let it be the companion at your side, encouraging you to continue the climb knowing that you’ve come a long way to get where you needed to be and a little further isn’t impossible.

Every time before this that you have endured, conquered, loved, learned, laughed, admired, or explored, it’s contributed to who you are now: the person that will conquer their future.

Life Lives at the Edge of Opportunity

Why borrow energy from tomorrow with aimless pursuits tonight, when tomorrow’s where life is happening? Life slices through time at the flash of new light, new things springing to existence, at the edge of Opportunity where new skills and lessons are to be learned, at the gateway to where you’re meant to go. Like a skier keeping pace behind a boat, rather would I spend the energy at the edge than lose it in the wake, letting the rope go and idling in the waves while slowly sinking. Catch up to the boat and stay with it; that’s where life is going, and it’s going fast.