That Friday Feeling

Today as I left work, I got that Friday Feeling. It persisted back at home, taking my shoes off and unpacking some new stuff from Amazon. You know exactly what it is; the micro-euphoric sense of impending freedom, excitement, and adventure that the weekend triggers in millions of people like me all across the Fruited Plain. Here’s the catch: today’s Tuesday. Instant bummer, right?

It was at the “I should be bummed about this” moment of thought that the light bulb went on. I should be upset about this. But I’m not. How is that possible?

On its face, there’s nothing special about this Tuesday. No happy hours, no dates, no after-work plans of any kind. Just the prospect of getting my life together and getting a good night’s sleep. The prospect of being at the top of my game at work tomorrow and all the potential that brings with it. The prospect of having more mental clarity to chose to do the things that really matter by eliminating the things that don’t. And I’ve only recently made this discovery.

I’ve been reading Greg McKeown’s Essentialism. His chapter on Protecting the Asset came at a critical moment in my life: when I could immediately see why what he was saying is true for my life. I was finally able to connect getting a good night’s sleep with where my life was going. More accurately, where I wanted it to go.

Let me break that down a little more. I got a good night’s sleep as recently as last night and that’s happened plenty of times in the past. What’s different now is that choosing to sleep well, among other new little habits like making the bed in the morning, has purpose. It’s now a contributing factor to plans and goals and success and who knows what all else that I have propped up as important in a life that’s somehow remained remarkably free of obligations of any kind.

Having a purpose, making a choice to obtain the things that contribute to that purpose (another big thing that McKeown champions), is what makes a Tuesday feel like a Friday. People often say we should live for the week as well as the weekend; this must be what it feels like. How did it come about?  Nothing earth-shattering. Little habits. Small choices. I can tell you right now that this feels good, and I want more.

PHOTO CREDIT: FREAKY FRIDAY, Jodie Foster, Barbara Harris, 1976
© Walt Disney / Courtesy: Everett Collection