Morning routines, as it turns out, are amazing. There’s probably nothing closer to actually creating time by magic. All these small, easy-to-do things used to seem impossible, but now boom: it’s 6:30 AM and they’re all done and I’m walking out the door to work.

In turn, the routines program the brain very similar to the boot-up routines on a computer. As a young lad I had great fun fine-tuning the scripts for these boot-up routines, and if something was missing or done in the wrong order the computer wouldn’t do what you wanted it to do. Our routines program our brains the same way, and we can choose what our own programming is and design our own personal machine based on what we need ourselves to do.

The end result is, to use one of my favorite new words of 2018, transformational. All that stuff you’ve heard about people who succeed getting up early and getting after it? Super true.

artwork: The Persistence of Memory, Salvador Dali, 1931
The Museum of Modern Art

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