Today I had a familiar sensation, one which has historically always been an indication that something special is going on. It starts out with a sort of anxious frenzy, as an uninhibited stream of thoughts pours through your brain due to some stimulus. Over a decade ago, in the summer of 2017, this occurred when I woke up the morning after having a second run-in with law enforcement in as many days. The anxiousness was replaced with resolve, and accompanied by a deep drive to pursue being a police officer as a career.

More recently this happened when I returned from a vacation to Jamaica, during which I had done four dives out to the reefs around the island. I was overtaken with a love of the sea and being underwater, something which is certain to play a big role in my future somehow. There is this moment, kind of a flash, and it excites you like crazy and you suddenly cannot consume enough information about whatever it is, or stop yourself from writing down a million ideas. You no doubt can point to a similar moment in your life. This, I believe, is what inspiration looks and feels like.

The kicker about what happened today is that this time, the essential framework for making things happen has started to take shape in my own life. Finally understanding what pursuit of goals really requires, and why they are so important; “protecting the asset” by getting sleep and eliminating non-essentials and vices; just, I dunno, these basic management things that all proceed in the direction of being maximum at life. Without the foundations, the big ideas resulting from the inspiration I had today will remain only as ideas.

Now let us see if we can turn them into reality.

photo: Bamboo beach club, ocho rios, jamaica

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