Life Lives at the Edge of Opportunity

Why borrow energy from tomorrow with aimless pursuits tonight, when tomorrow’s where life is happening? Life slices through time at the flash of new light, new things springing to existence, at the edge of Opportunity where new skills and lessons are to be learned, at the gateway to where you’re meant to go. Like a skier keeping pace behind a boat, rather would I spend the energy at the edge than lose it in the wake, letting the rope go and idling in the waves while slowly sinking. Catch up to the boat and stay with it; that’s where life is going, and it’s going fast.


Being Maximum

Once you feel it the first time, you crave it. When you’re Maximum, all your thoughts come to you quicker and with more clarity. Your body moves faster. Small details jump out at you and you laugh more frequently and more fully. When you’re Maximum, you see all the things you never saw before that are holding you back from staying Maximum or even raising the level of Maximum that you can be, and you want to kill those things. Things you never thought you’d want to skip now you boldly turn away from. Bringing you down, man. Walking into the office less than Maximum is a punishment now, rather than a badge of partying honor. In the past, Maximum lived somewhere else and occasionally you’d visit if there happened to be a day or two of alone time in between wild weekends. Now you’re not only visiting, you’ve become it; you’re not at maximum, you are Maximum.